Online remote counselling (e- therapy)


Counselling provided online through a medium effective for both the client and therapist. This could be Skype, WhatsApp or many of the other platforms out there. It is offered in real time. This is sometimes known as e-therapy.


There are a variety of treatments used in counselling depending on the counsellor, client or issues presented. A convenient time and online platform will be agreed by both the client and therapist.


Counselling provides a safe and regular online space to talk and explore feelings and emotions and reflect on experiences. The aim is to help you manage these feelings and at best overcome them. Sometimes people feel better talking to someone they have no connections with as this helps them see things in a different light and without any influences, which will enable them to discuss thoughts they have not been able to express to others or even themselves.

Although counselling is non directive or consultative you may prefer guidance and the counsellor can suggest ways this can be obtained. Counselling is not a quick fix and takes a number of sessions to make a difference. The best way to make it more successful is to attend regularly and to be honest as possible.


You are not comfortable or unable meeting face to face. Counselling is about helping you overcome difficult or painful issues that are affecting you. People choose counselling for a range of reason. If you are suffering from any of the list below than counselling may be something to consider:

  • Lack of motivation or low self esteem
  • Lack of support in life.
  • Depression, anxiety, stress, health or anger.
  • Past issues affecting the present or childhood issues.
  • Substance misuse and alcohol misuse.
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Loss of purpose or meaning in life

Some people may need specialist support and if this is the case resources will be made available with the person’s full consent.

  • Convenience – especially if you are in a remote area or not able to travel.
  • More convenient for very busy lives therefore making appointments easier to stick to by removing travel times.
  • The comfort and familiarity of choosing your own location to discuss online with the therapist
  • Some people feel they can be more open when discussing online.

Living outside of Birmingham and either unemployed, receiving benefits, low income or students under 25

Living outside of Birmingham

Birmingham Resident

4 Sessions £48

4 Sessions £100


6 Sessions £66

6 Sessions £150


8 Sessions £80

8 Sessions £200


10 Sessions £99

10 Sessions £250


12 Sessions £118

12 Sessions £300


Single session £15

Single session £15


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