Family and Couple Counselling


Family and or couple therapy address specific subjects and problems affecting the wellbeing and functioning of a family relationship. It can help members improve communication, resolve conflicts and transition during difficult or stressful times and events in life.


There are a variety of treatments used in family and couples counselling depending on the counsellor, clients or issues presented.

Family therapy brings family members together for therapy sessions. Though, a family member may also see the therapist individually. Your specific treatment plan will depend on your family’s particular situation.

Couple therapy will meet the parties individually first and then meet them as a couple in a joint session. Depending on the situation individual sessions may take place again.


All families and relationships face problems. Sometimes the problems are too big or to prolonged to deal with alone.

Family therapy can help address the issues and work with all the member and find ways to manage the challenges and arrive to a solution.

Couple’s therapy can help strengthen a relationship and improve communication. It allows you to evolve in your relationship.


Family and couples therapy can provide the tools and skills to manage challenges in a healthier way.Ask yourself if:

  • Conflicts between members of the family
  • Work through stressful times
  • Prolonged relationship arguments and struggles
  • Deepen family connections
  • Restore and repair damaged relationships
  • Financial problems and/or disagreements about money
  • Children’s behaviour problems
  • Caring for a family member with special needs
  • Long term or terminal illness with a family member
  • Impact of substance abuse and/or addiction
  • Impact of mental health on the family
  • Death in the family
  • Divorce or separation
  • Infidelity
  • Shared custody of children
  • Forming a new or joint family

Some people may need specialist support and if this is the case resources will be made available with the person’s full consent.


Family and couple therapy can help improve challenging times and relationships with your partner, children, parents, siblings or other family members and relatives.

  • Help improve communication and work through conflicts
  • It can help family members and couples understand one another better.
  • Learn coping skills to bring everyone closer.
  • Deal and settle with new adjustments and change in life.
  • Build stronger relationships members work together as a team without judgement
  • Improve troubled relationships and resolve differences.
  • Build better relations through discussion and encouragement.
  • Better appreciation and understanding of others.

Living outside of Birmingham and either unemployed, receiving benefits, low income or students under 25

Living outside of Birmingham

Birmingham Resident

4 Sessions £48

4 Sessions £100


6 Sessions £66

6 Sessions £150


8 Sessions £80

8 Sessions £200


10 Sessions £99

10 Sessions £250


12 Sessions £118

12 Sessions £300


Single session £15

Single session £15


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