About us

Women’s Consortium believes everyone is valuable and aims to encourage every individual to maximise on all their personal strengths and build on their potentials.

Our mission is to promote wellbeing of everyone and provide accessible opportunities for all people to enter society without judgment and bias.

Our mission is to promote wellbeing of everyone and
provide accessible opportunities for all people to
enter society without judgment and bias.

The vision is to create opportunities in the community for people to access a range of services to create a restored lifestyle.

Recognizing a lack of facilities fully focused on addressing the needs of women, Women’s Consortium began by providing services for women only and then expanded to provide services for all people. As many women feel safer and more comfortable in women exclusive environments, WC continues to some offer services and program for women only.

We offer an array of services from therapy, both clinical and alternative, to fitness classes, and a variety of workshops. Our fundamental aim is to enable people to reach their goals and empower people to realise their self-worth.

The workshops have been so successful that local business and later larger organisations have requested that similar training be offered for their staff fulfilment. This created the opportunity to expand our services by providing bespoke training to organisations upon request.

Women’s Consortium seeks to support everyone to go from where they are to where they want to be in life. As the motto says, we want to strengthen valuable lives.



The Women’s Consortium started in 2007 after noticing a gap in the services offered to women and the challenges women being faced.

Several centres offered only a particular set of support. Women felt they were being moved from place to place just to obtain help. Some faced additional challenges such as language barriers, social exclusion, health problems thus making it harder to seek help.

The founder of the organisation, Khaleda Khan wanted to make a difference and support those disadvantaged or at times neglected by society. She knew she had the skills to support people and ability to help make a difference. She discussed this with other women and then decided to fill that gap by setting up the Women’s Consortium.

They started small by helping a handful of marginalised people with advice and personal development. Since Khaleda was already a practitioner in parts of therapy and experienced with coaching and mental health, she was able to offer those services directly.

Slowly they started networking with similar organisations to expand their services and reach further out into the community.

After 8 years, having a successful team delivering invaluable work in London, Women’s Consortium decided to branch out the services into the West Midlands – Birmingham early 2015.

Support demands in Birmingham grew rapidly. By listening to what the community needed and to meet the high needs, Women’s Consortium extended their therapy to additional methods such as Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing and more. They also added extra services such as youth support and legal advice.

Women’s Consortium continue to listen to the community and understand their needs. Behind the scenes they are speaking with local authorities, agencies and services and ensuring the community voices are heard.


They will continue to empower the community and add additional services needed by people. They are working towards eventually becoming nationwide thus helping a great number of people.


Promote psychological and physical wellbeing.

Provide learning opportunities for all people.

Relieve poverty, distress, and hardship amongst people.

Provide trainings in communities to improve social engagement.

Empower people to reach their goals.

Undertake community projects to increase participation.

Educate communities on their welfare and legal rights.

Safeguard the interest of ‘the vulnerable’ against exploitation.

Provide accessible development opportunities for people to enter education, employment.

Serve as a one-stop-shop where information can be accessed.

Provide accessible mental health support for all people regardless of background or involvement in society.

Remove mental health stigma from communities through training.

Meet the Founder and CEO

Ceo and Founder

Khaleda Khan is a graduate in Health Promotions and has over 15 years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector prior to setting up Women’s Consortium.

Ms. Khan spent 5 years providing services for vulnerable Asian women in the Islington borough by offering training in wellbeing and mental health to marginalised people and support services in housing, education, governmental and health.

Ms. Khan later worked in the Newham borough, supporting substance abusers with mental health training. Throughout her career, Ms. Khan’s has continued to pursue further education and training in psychological wellbeing to better serve community members and organisations. She is trained in Bipolar disorder, Narcissistic personality disorder, OCD, self-harm and much more. She is also qualified as a couple’s therapist, mediator, motivational interviewer, and personal development coach & trainer.

Outside of her career she has been actively involved in philanthropic work globally. Ms. Khan has fundraised for multiple causes, including clean water access and water well development in South Africa and Emergency aid in Rohingya. Separate to fundraising she has also set up community language classes in Mauritius and offered pro bono to services such as Grenfell Tower Emergency.

Leading such a busy life Ms. Khan seeks tranquillity in nature and travelling. She likes to ponder by streams and lakes as it helps maintain calmness and allows her to refocus and revitalise from a busy lifestyle.



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